The Life Coach

Making a huge impact in the lives of young children & adults in Gloucestershire

Hi all, I would like to start my introducing myself my name is Tom Hoskins and I am the owner of Chance is Change. I am so proud to finally announce and introduce you all to the “LIFE COACH” which will help so many young lives around Gloucestershire. The life coach will allow me to travel around Gloucestershire and provide a safe, fun & reflective space.


Hi there! I’m Tom.

An experienced Mental Health Life Coach
helping children and young people through
behaviour management, mentoring and positive

For 13 years I have helped change the lives of children and young people across Gloucestershire. As founder and owner of Chance Is Change, I believe every chance is an opportunity to change and that with a little bit of support, every young person can achieve their dreams!

Chance is Change

Chance is change has be running for around 5 years which provides mentoring and life coaching services for schools in the county. We have worked with thousands of young people around Gloucestershire, and it is our mission to create partnership and modernise mental health, we have a massive passion for making a change. Hop on board and follow our journey

Come on board The Life Coach!

The Life Coach will help me deliver a positive environment where young people can come on board and discuss their mental health. The Life Coach will be travelling to our schools in Gloucester and we will also be in Stonehouse every Thursday evening and Cainscross on the first Monday of each month. Keep an eye out on my Facebook page to stay updated! 

Bridge Youth Services


Victory Park


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the sessions?

Different locations each week across Stonehouse, Eastington & Standish. Keep an eye on my Facebook page to stay updated!

What is the cost?

There is NO cost to you for attending

How is it funded?

The project has been funded by the local county councillor from his Gloucestershire County Council fund.

How do I book?

You can book here on the website or by messaging on social media or dropping us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Can I attend more than once?

Yes spaces are available weekly on a first come first seen basis. You can attend as frequently as you like.

How long is this available for?

The service has been funded for a year – until March 2023.

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